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Which is the soccer coaching software that professional clubs are using?

Technology in professional football/soccer seems to improve every year, with expensive cameras and sensors that can tell everything that a player has been doing, that help professional coaches make better decisions and ultimately better results.

Normally this type of soccer coaching software/service costs from £50,000 to £100,000 per season. The most popular software for professional clubs is this one.

What the amateur and semi-professional coaches are using?

When we look at the other side of sport, from grassroots amateur to semi-professional Soccer Coaches still have to rely on pen and paper to keep track of basic game and training data, and to make sure that they don´t lose that data they have to put the effort of putting all information into an excel spreadsheet! It takes forever and it is hard work, it has to be a better way!

The best software for amateur and semi-professional coaches

We looked a few software’s in market but nothing convinced us, until we started talking with the guys behind Coacher, the new soccer coaching software from amateur level to semi-professional, they gave us a sneak peak at it look fantastic, beside we believe that will help coaches to develop better players, understand better how the team is training and playing and ultimately will support coaches make better decisions in order to win more games.

With this soccer coaching software you will be able to:

More Efficient Team Management
Coacher simplifies all the admin work behind coaching from keeping track of matches and training attendance to keeping up to date player profiles.

Training Sessions Made Easy
Now you can save hours of planning training sessions – get access to hundreds of specific soccer training drills and ready to go training sessions.

Effortless input of information
Register what is happening during your matches (fouls, shots, cards, substitutions, offsides, ball recovery – the list goes on!) by selecting player, action and the location on the pitch.

Meaningful statistics
Win more games by analyzing powerful statistics – Study player and team performance at any time to develop your players and team strategy.

Soccer Coaching Software - Coacher

We are looking forward to see the full version completed, they are about to launch, but if you want to be one of the first to test this great soccer coaching software go to

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