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5 vs 2 Rondo Soccer Drill – Fitness Anaerobic

Exercise Objectives

  1. Develop small group possession skills.
  2. Develop tempo and speed of play.
  3. Become more tolerant to lactic acid accumulation.
  4. Help players work for longer periods in an anaerobic state.

Set Up

  1. 2 Groups of players compete in 5vs2 rondo possession exercise grids. 10x10yrd grids.
  2. Grid A (Midfielders) – 2x20yrd shuttle
  3. Grid B (Defenders) – 3x10yrd shuttle
  4. 1-2 Sets. 3-4 Repetitions of the shuttle course. Followed by 1-1.5min active recovery in the form of small group possession in the grids. Intensity effort for the exercise: Maximum (HR of 170+).
  5. In the grids players play 5vs2 possession (can be limited to one touch if necessary).
  6. On the coaches signal (clap, whistle, shout) all players exit the grid and perform the shuttle running course.
  7. i.e. Group A: sprint out to 20yrs, return to edge of the grid, turn and spring to 40yrds and back. (120yrd Total)
  8. i.e. Group B: sprint out to 10yrs, return to edge of the grid, turn and sprint to 20yrds and back, then 30rds and return. (120yrd Total)

Coaching Points

  1. Encourage players to be efficient in their running, observing their running technique.
  2. Ask players to vary the foot they plant on and turn with each repetition.
  3. Quick ball movement in the grids and quick restarts to maintain tempo.
  4. Respect work to rest ratios.


  1. The last two players back to the grid start as the defenders in the 5vs2.
  2. The last two players back to the grid from the players in possession.

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