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Diamond Rondo 5v2 Soccer Drill

Set Up

  1. Arrange 20 x 10yrd playing grid split into halves. Arrange with a CB (4), two full backs (2) & (3), a low or holding midfield player (6), and a higher central or attacking midfielder (8).
  2. Footballs are fed by the coach (or feeder) on the sideline.
  3. Defenders rotate in on every 2 min work interval and the working group gets to rest.
  4. Players switch roles after 1 set (5 reps). 2 min work intervals with 1 min rest periods

Coaching Points

  1. Attract pressure in order to create space.
  2. Triangulation creates multiple passing lines.
  3. Passing angles & movements to support the ball carrier.
  4. Penetrating passes that break defending lines.
  5. Play around a central compact defending block on the sides.
  6. 6′ CM movements to create supporting angles.
  7. 3rd man concept.
  8. Tempo & speed of play.


  1. limit the touches of specific positions. (i.e. CB & CM ).
  2. 5vs2 (Addition of a CM / Pivot).
  3. 1 touch restriction for the possession team.
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